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Hellblades Description

Become a pilot in a thrilling action world full of exciting duels at dizzying heights. You compete against thousands of other players. Grim battles are awaiting you...


It is the first of its kind and fascinating in its uniqueness: The flash-based massively multiplayer helicopter game Hellblades by Bigpoint features an action-packed atmosphere.

There are exciting battles in PvP and PvE mode waiting for you where you have to give your best to survive in Hellblades. It won’t be easy because only the right strategy and clever tactical moves enable you to compete against computer-controlled opponents or human rivals.
To succeed in Hellblades you need a proper military vehicle, of course. In addition to the standard equipment, you can upgrade your vehicle with powerful weapons.

Hellblades offers several comprehensive game worlds, 24 different types of enemies and good graphics. In addition, the world of Hellblades is regularly expanded with new features.

Prove yourself and become a glorious pilot in the new creation Hellblades. You can play in a huge community against numerous opponents!

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